Civil and Criminal Representation in Lakewood, CO

With almost 40 years of experience in practice protecting clients in various criminal, civil and family law court cases, The Law Office of Dennis J. Jacobson is ready to provide expert representation on your behalf.

Unlike large or nationwide firms, we get to know our clients and offer detailed, personal attention in order to build the best possible case. Whether it's a divorce, DUI, misdemeanor or estate matter, The Law Office of Dennis J. Jacobson is prepared to handle it.

We operate in the Municipal, County and District Courts of Colorado, and deal with criminal matters in the Federal District Court in Colorado. We focus our work in the Denver metropolitan area, but we also represent clients as far south as El Paso County, Texas and north to Larimer County, as well an in many mountain communities, even west to Gunnison County. Our office is also experienced and active in appellate matters.

Family Law

Dennis has represented clients in a wide variety of family court issues, including custody, guardianship, divorce and child support.

Criminal Defense

Ready to defend his clients, Dennis has experience dealing with cases related to DUI, felonies, misdemeanors, license suspension appeals and more.

Legal Resources

When Your Marriage is Over: Practical Advice for Surviving Divorce and Living Divorced

"Based on 32 years of experience in the fields of family law and divorce. Jacobson has written a clear, practical, user-friendly guide on how to select competent divorce counsel, prepare parenting plans, work out custody agreements, settle financial matters, transfer property titles, and move out-of-state with the children. His aim is to help you reduce stress and expenses by staying cool, remaining positive, and realizing it's not all about you."
- Review from Mensa Bulletin, The Magazine of American Mensa, September 2011 pg. 46

Available online in paper, Kindle or Nook formats.
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