Confident Criminal Defense in Lakewood, CO

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When clients come to The Law Office of Dennis J. Jacobson in Lakewood, CO looking for legal counsel, they have one thing in mind; they are in distress and looking for help.

Our goal is to help them in the best possible manner by providing an expertly constructed criminal defense, using our decades of experience helping numerous clients.

Not only that, but our office doesn't operate like a typical, larger firm. Our strength lies in the personal relationships we form with our clients. We get to know you just as well as you get to know us. On your day in court, you won't just be represented by an attorney, but a friend working for your best interests.
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We can represent you in these areas:
  • Criminal Defense Matters,
    • From misdemeanor to felony, in all local, state and federal C courts
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  • Driver's License Suspension and Revocation
  • Other major traffic matters
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