Divorce and Separation Attorney in Lakewood, CO

Gavel with divorce form — divorce in Lakewood, CO
Divorce, custody disputes, splitting marital assets, child support issues—family law matters can be particularly stressful for everyone involved.
No matter your situation, The Law Office of Dennis J. Jacobson is equipped to handle any situation, thanks to our extensive years of experience in the field. We will quickly and efficiently resolve your court matters so you can move on with your life.
Cutting the paper — divorce in Lakewood, CO
We specialize in these areas:
  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Basic Estate Planning (typically associated with divorce cases)
  • Post-Divorce
    • Child Support
    • Custody
Marriage is Over — divorce in Lakewood, CO
Dennis has compiled his decades of experience dealing with divorce matters into this small, but comprehensive book. The book focuses on selected topics that come up as problem areas in divorce and after divorce, and aids readers in those matters.
Dennis is available on by appointment for book interviews and appearances. Contact him by phone or email for more information.